Tarree Moggoolee

Waa dhugoomsaadhaan moggoo, fi jechoota firooman akka ilaaluu fayyadamuu nidandeessa.

  1. Jecha isa ilaalluu barbaaddu keessa cuqaasi.

  2. Meeshalee - Waa Dhugoomsuu filadhuutii, yookin +F7 dhiibi.

  3. In the Alternatives list, click an entry to copy that related term to the "Replace with" text box.

  4. Optionally double-click an entry to look up related terms for that entry. On your keyboard, you can also press the arrow up or down keys to select an entry. Then press Return to replace, or press the spacebar to look up.

  5. Haqi cuqaasi.

Initially, the thesaurus uses the language of the selected word in the document, if a thesaurus library for that language is installed. The title bar of the Thesaurus dialog displays the language in use.

Sajoo Yaaddannoo

To look up the word in a different language, click the Language button, and select one of the installed thesaurus languages. A thesaurus library may not be available for all installed languages. You can install languages with a thesaurus library from the Extensions web page.

If a thesaurus library is installed for the language of a word, the context menu of the word shows a Synonyms submenu. Select any of the terms from the submenu to replace the word.

Qubeeffannoo fi Caasluga Mirkaaneessuu


Tarree Moggoolee

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