Qubeeffannoo fi Caasluga Mirkaaneessuu

Hojarkaan qubee barruu filatamee ykn galmee guutuu mirkaneessuu dandeessa.

Sajoo Yaaddannoo

To check the spelling and the grammar of a text, the appropriate dictionaries must be installed. For many languages three different dictionaries exist: a spellchecker, a hyphenation dictionary, and a thesaurus. Each dictionary covers one language only. Grammar checkers can be downloaded and installed as extensions. See the extensions web page.

To'annaan qubee iddoo qaree ammee irraa eegala, ykn jalqaba barruu filatamee irraa.

  1. Galmee keessatti cuqaasi, ykn barruu mirkaneessuu barbaaddu filadhu.

  2. Choose Tools - Spelling.

  3. When a possible spelling error is encountered, the Spelling dialog opens and LibreOffice offers some suggested corrections.

  4. Kan kaanan gadii keessaa tokko hojeedhu:

    To accept a correction, click the suggestion, and then click Correct.

    Edit the sentence in the upper text box, and then click Correct.

    To add the unknown word to a user-defined dictionary, click Add to Dictionary.

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