Qurxinsa fuulaa saaguu fi haquu

Qurxinsa fuulaa hujekaa saaguuf

  1. Iddoo fuula haraa eegaluu barbaaduti galmee kee keessa cuqaasi.

  2. Press +Enter.

Qurxinsa fuulaa hujekaa haquuf

  1. Arfii jalqaba fuulichaarratti qurxiinsa fuulaa hujeekaa hordofee dhufu fuulduratti cuqaasi.

  2. Duubxoolaa Dhiibi

Qurxiinsa fuulaa hujeekaa gabatee fulduratti uumamu haquuf

  1. Gabatee keessa qabdoo mirgaa cuqaasi, sana booda Gabatee fili.

  2. Caancala Yaa'insa Barruu cuqaasi.

  3. Saanduqa filannoo qurxinsaa qulqulleessi.

To Quickly Switch Between Portrait and Landscape Page Layout

The default template provided by LibreOffice Writer offers several page layout styles, among which the Default Page Style has Portrait orientation and the Landscape style has landscape orientation.

These styles can be used to quickly switch between portrait and landscape orientation by inserting manual breaks and choosing the appropriate page styles as described below:

  1. Place the cursor where the page break is to be inserted.

  2. Go to Insert - More Breaks - Manual Break. The Insert Break dialog will open.

  3. Choose the option Page break and in the Page Style drop-down list choose the page style to be applied to the page after the break (Default Page Style, Landscape, etc).

  4. If the applied has to be changed again at a certain point in the document (for instance, to switch back from landscape to portrait orientation), place the cursor at this point and repeat the steps previously described.


Read the help page Changing Page Orientation to learn more about advanced configurations that can be defined concerning page orientation.

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