Lakkaawwii Tarree Lakkaawwii Keessati Foyyeessi

Keeyyata tarree lakkaawwamee keessaa lakkaawwii haquu dandeessaa ykn lakkoofsa lakkaawwame jijjirii


If you want numbered headings, use the Tools - Chapter Numbering menu command to assign a numbering to a paragraph style. Do not use the Numbering icon on the Formatting toolbar.

Keeyyata tarree lakkoofsaa keessa jiru irraa lakkoofsa haquuf:

  1. Lakkaawwii biraa haquuf, arfii jalqaba keeyyatichaa duratti cuqaasi.

  2. Kan kaanan gadii keessaa tokko hojeedhu:

Lakkoofsa tarreen lakkoofsaa ittiin jalqabu jijjiiruf:

  1. Tarree lakkoofsaa keessaa bakka barbaaddu cuqaasi.

  2. Choose Format - Bullets and Numbering, and then click the Customize tab.

  3. Enter the number you want the list to start with in the Start at box.

  4. TOLEE cuqaasi.

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