Galchiiwwan Kasaa ykn Gabatee Qabiyyeewwanii Hiikuu

Galchiiwwan Kasaa Hiikuu

  1. Jecha cuqaasi, ykn jechoota akka galchii kasaatti fayyadamuu barbaadde galmee kee keessaa fili.

  2. Choose Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Index Entry, and do one of the following:

Galchiiwwan Gabatee Qabiyyeewwanii Hiikuu

Gabatee qabiyeewwanii uumuuf karaa filatamaan akkaataalee keewwata mataduree durmurtaawoo, kan akka "Mataduree 1", gara keewwatawwan gabatee qabiyyeewwanii keessatti qabachuu barbaadde irratti fayyadami.

Akkaataa keewwata maamiloo akka gabatee galchii qabiyyeewwaniitti fayyadmuuf:

  1. Choose Tools - Chapter Numbering and click the Numbering tab.

  2. Akkaataa keewwata gabatee qabiyyeewwanii kee keessatti dabaluu barbaaddu kan Akkaataa Keewwata keessa jiru fili.

  3. Tarree Sadarkaa keessaa, sadarkaa sadarkaawa akkaataa keewwataa itti hojjachuu barbaaddu cuqaasi.

  4. Tolee cuqaasi. Amma akkaataa matadureewwan galmee kee keessatti fayyadamuun gabatee qabiiyyeewwanii kee keessatti isaan dabaluu dandeessa.


LibreOffice creates the table of contents entries based on the outline level of the paragraph style and the paragraph contents. If the paragraph is empty, it will not be included in the table of contents. To force the empty paragraph to be listed in the table of contents, manually add a space or a non breaking space to the paragraph. Spaces added in the After text box of the Numbering tab in the Chapter Numbering dialog will not work for this purpose, since they are part of the paragraph numbering, not the paragraph contents.

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