Lakkoofsa fuulaawwan argii irratti mul'atan qindeessa. Durargii keessatti, tarsaan tokko akka banamuuf, lakkoofsa fuulaawwanii akka tarreewwan fi tarjaawwantti mul'atu filachuuf, xiyya isa sajootti aanee jiru cuqaasi.


Multiple Pages Preview

After clicking the Multiple Pages Preview icon, the Multiple pages dialog opens. Use the two spin buttons to set the number of pages to be displayed.


Lakkoofsa tarreewwan fuulaawwanii qindeessa.


Lakkoofsa fuulaa tarjaawwan keessatti mul'atan qindeessa.

The settings you choose in the dialog can also be set using the mouse: Click the arrow next to the Multiple Pages Preview icon. Now move the mouse over the desired number of rows and columns.

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