Gargaartuu Makiinsa Ergannoo

Starts the Mail Merge Wizard to create form letters or send email messages to many recipients.

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Click the Mail Merge icon on the Mail Merge bar:

Click the Mail Merge icon on the Table Data bar:


Makiinsa Ergannoo

Before starting the Mail Merge Wizard you might want to review the whole process of creating a mail merge:

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Mail Merge Wizard - Select starting document

Specify the document that you want to use as a base for the mail merge document.

Mail Merge Wizard - Select document type

Specify the type of mail merge document to create.

Gargaartuu Makiinsa Ergannoo - Olkaa’I, maxxansiif ergi

Specify the recipients for the mail merge document as well as the layout of the address block.

Mail Merge Wizard - Create salutation

Specify the properties for the salutation. If the mail merge database contains gender information, you can specify different salutations based on the gender of the recipient.

Mail Merge Wizard - Adjust layout

Specify the position of the address blocks and salutations on the documents.


Dhiisi cuqaasuun jijjiirama wrramee tokkolee osso olhinkaaiin qaaqa cufa.


View the selections in the dialog made in the previous step. The current settings remain unchanged. This button can only be activated from page two on.

Itti aanee

Click the Next button, and the wizard uses the current dialog settings and proceeds to the next step. If you are on the last step, this button becomes Create.

First step: Mail Merge Wizard - Select starting document.

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