Inserts hyphens in words that are too long to fit at the end of a line.

LibreOffice searches the document and suggests hyphenation that you can accept or reject. If text is selected, the Hyphenation dialog works on the selected text only. If no text is selected, the Hyphenation dialog works on the whole document.

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Meeshaalee - Afaan - Murfisafiladh

On the Tools bar, click

Icon Hyphenation



To automatically hyphenate the current or selected paragraphs, choose Format - Paragraph, and then click the Text Flow tab. You can also apply automatic hyphenation to a paragraph style. In text where automatic hyphenation is enabled, the Hyphenation dialog will not find any word to hyphenate.

LibreOffice yoo jechoota murfisa barbaadantti dhufe, filannoolee armaa gadii keessaa tokko fayyadami:


Keewwatoota ofiin murfisa irraa olchuudhaaf, caancala Dhangi'i - Keewwata, Ya'insa Barruu cuqaasi, kana booda sanduuqa filannoo Ufmaan naannoo Murfisa keessaa haqi.


To disable the Hyphenation dialog and always hyphenate automatically, choose - Language Settings - Writing Aids, and select the Hyphenate without inquiry check box.

hujeekaan murfi tokko galchuuf, jechicha keessa bakka murfii itti ida'uu barbaaddu cuqaasi, kana booda +Mallaattoo hir'inaa (-) dhiibi.

To insert a non-breaking (protected) hyphen directly in the document, click in the word that you want to hyphenate, and then press Shift++Minus sign(-).

To hide soft hyphens, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Formatting Aids, and then clear the Custom hyphens check box.



Displays the hyphenation suggestion(s) for the selected word.

Xiyyaa Bitaa / Mirga

Set the position of the hyphen. This option is only available if more than one hyphenation suggestion is displayed.

Itti aanee

Ignores the hyphenation suggestion and finds the next word to hyphenate.


Murfisicha, bakka qubannoo eeraametti saaga.


Removes the current hyphenation point from the displayed word.

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