Changing the Background Fill

To use a color, gradient, or hatching pattern for the background

  1. Choose , and then click on the Background tab.

  2. Iddoo Guutiinsaatti, kanneen armaan gadii keessaa tooko hojadhu.

    Select Color, and then click a color in the list.

    Select Gradient, and then click a gradient style in the list.

    Select Hatching, and then click a hatching style in the list.

  3. Click OK.

To use an image for the background

You can display an entire image as a background, or you can tile the image to produce a patterned background.

  1. Choose , and then click on the Background tab.

  2. In the Fill area, select Image, and then click an image in the list.


    To use a custom image for the background, click the Import button. Locate the image and click Open. On returning to the Background tab, the imported image is in the Image list.

  3. Kanneen itti aanana keessaa tokko hojadhu:

    Calaqqee mara akka duubbeetti mul'isuuf, Iddoo bal'inaa keessaa saanduqa filannoo Daltuuli haqi, kana booda TaasisaaOfmaa fili.

    Calaqqee duubbeerratti dultuuluuf Daltuuli filitii, dirqalaalee Hammamtaa, Iddoo, fi Iddoodaa qindeessi.

  4. Click OK.

This modification is only valid for the current presentation or drawing document.

To save a new master as a template

  1. .

  2. .

  3. Choose View - Normal to close the master view.

  4. Choose File - Templates - Save As Template to save the document as a template.

  5. Enter a name for the template. Do not change the category from "My Templates". Click OK.

Now you can use the Templates window to open a new presentation or drawing based on your new template.

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