Fooyyee Karaarraa

Specifies some options for the automatic notification and downloading of online updates to LibreOffice.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Choose - LibreOffice - Online Update.


Online Update is a module that is installed by default.

Online Update Options

Ufmaan fooyyee mirkaneessi

Mark to check for online updates periodically, then select the time interval how often LibreOffice will check for online updates. LibreOffice will check once a day, week, or month, as soon as a working Internet connection is detected. If you connect to the Internet by a proxy server, set the proxy on - Internet - Proxy.

When an update is available, an icon in the menu bar Update Icon displays some explaining text. Click the icon to proceed.

Dhugoomsa yoo dhaamsite, saajoon kabala baafataa irraa bada.

Guyyaa mara

Dhugoomsi ji'atti al tokko raawwata.

Torban mara

Dhugoomsi torbanitti al tokko raawwata. Kun qindaa'ina durtiiti.

Ji'a mara

Dhugoomsi ji'atti al tokko raawwata.

Amma dhugoomsi

Amma dhugoomsi ni raawwata.

Download Destination

Ukaankaa filatamee faayiloota naqaman kuusu agarsiisa.

Download updates automatically

Enable the automatic download of updates to the specified folder.


Click to select the destination folder for downloaded files.

User Agent

Enable the check to send information about your LibreOffice version, operating system and basic hardware. This information is used to optimize the download.

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