Defines the general options for drawing or presentation documents.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Open a presentation document, choose - LibreOffice Impress/LibreOffice Draw - General.

Impress General Options Dialog

Waantota barruu

Guulala saffisaa dandeessisi

Akka yeroo waanta barruu cuqaastu hatattamaan gara haalata gulaala barruutti tartu ifteessa.

Bal'ina barruu qofatu filatamuu danda'a

Specifies whether to select a text box by clicking the text.

In the area of the text box that is not filled with text, an object behind the text box can be selected.


Kuuftalee duubee fayyadami

Specifies whether to use the cache for displaying objects on the master slide. This speeds up the display. Unmark the Use background cache option if you want to display changing contents on the master slide.

Yeroo deemsistu garagalchi

If enabled, a copy is created when you move an object while holding down the key. The same will apply for rotating and resizing the object. The original object will remain in its current position and size.

Waantota hoggayyuu deemsifaman

Specifies that you want to move an object with the Rotate tool enabled. If Object always moveable is not marked, the Rotate tool can only be used to rotate an object.

Waantota qonyoo keessaa hin bittineessin(fakkisa keessa qofatti)

Maintains relative alignment of Bézier points and 2D drawing objects to each other when you distort the object.

Yuniitii safaraa

Determines the Unit of measurement for presentations.

Dhaabbattoota caancalaa

Defines the spacing between tab stops.

Walfudhannaa(qindaa'inoota galmeen murtaa'an)

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