Qindaa'inoota galmee barruu yookiin HTML keessatti ifteessa .

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Choose - LibreOffice Writer/LibreOffice Writer/Web - Print.


The print settings defined on this tab page apply to subsequent new documents, until you change the settings again. If you want to change the settings for the current print job only, use the File - Print dialog.


Qabiyyeewwan galmee kamtu akka maxxansaman ifteessa.

Images and objects

Specifies whether the graphics of your text document are printed.

unkaa too'annoowwanii

Specifies whether the form control fields of the text document are printed.

Duubee Arfii

Specifies whether to include colors and objects that are inserted to the background of the page (Format - Page Style - Background) in the printed document.

Print text in black

Specifies whether to always print text in black.

Barruu dhokataa

Barruu akka dhokataatti mallattaa'e maxxansuuf dirqaala kana dandeessisi . Barruun armaan gadii maxxansameera: barruun akka dhokataatti Format - Character - Font Effects - Hidden dhaan tottolchamee, fi badheelee barruu Barruu dhokataa fi Keeyyata dhokataa.

Iddooqa barruu

Iddooqota barruu maxxansuuf dirqaala kana dandeessisi. Maxxansa keessatti iddooqota barruu duwwaa dhiisuuf dirqaala kana dadhabsiisi.Iddooqota Barruu badheelee dha.


Barreessaa galmeelee LibreOffice kan fuula baay'ee qabaniif tartiiba maxxansaa qindeessa.

Fuulota bitaa(galmee HTML tiif miti)

Specifies whether to print all left (even numbered) pages of the document.

Fuulota mirgaa (galmee HTML tiif miti)

Specifies whether to print all right (odd numbered) pages of the document.


Select the Brochure option to print your document in brochure format. The brochure format is as follows in LibreOffice Writer:

If you print a document in portrait on a landscape page, two opposing sides in a brochure will be printed next to each other. If you have a printer with double-sided printing capability, you can create an entire brochure from your document without having to collate the pages later. If you have a printer that only has single-sided printing capability, you can achieve this effect by first printing the front pages with the Right pages option marked, then re-inserting the entire paper stack in your printer and printing all the back pages with the Left pages option marked.

Mirgaa gara bitaatti

Check to print the pages of the brochure in the correct order for a right-to-left script.


This control appears only if Complex text layout is set in - Languages and Locales - General.

Kan biraa

Fuulata duwwaa ufmaan saagaman maxxansi

Yoo dirqaalli kun dandeessifame, fuulonni duwwaan ufmaan galan maxxanaa jiru. Yoo maxxansi gar lamee ta'e kun baayisee gaarii dha. Fakkeenyaaf, kitaaba keessatti, haalatni keeyyataa "boqonnaa" akka fuula qaraan jalqabutti qindaa'eera. Yoo boqonnaan duraa lakkoofsa qaraa irratti dhume, LibreOffice fuula duwwaa lakkoofsa guutuu saaga.Dirqaalli kun akka fuula lakkoofsa guutuu sana maxxansitu yookiin dhiistu to'ata.

Baattuu waraqaa qindaa'inoota maxxansaa irraa

For printers with multiple trays, the "Paper tray from printer settings" option specifies whether the paper tray used is specified by the system settings of the printer.


Yoo sooftweerii faaksii kompiwutara kee irratti ijaartee kallattiin galmee barruu irraa faaksii gochuu barbaadde, maashinee faaksii barbaadde filadhu.


Specifies whether comments in your document are printed.

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