Dirqaalaalee Barreessaa LibreOffice

Qindaa'inootni kunneen karaa galmeeleen barruu kan LibreOffice keessatti uumaman qabataman qindeessu. Galmee barruu ammeetiif qindaa'inoota qindeessuun ni danda'ama. Qindaa'inootni hundataa ufmaan olkaa'amu.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer.


Specifies general settings for text documents.


Qindaa'inoota durtii waantota galmeelee kee keessaa fi miseensota foddaattif qindeessa.

Gargaarsa tottolchaa

In LibreOffice text and HTML documents, defines the display for certain characters and for the direct cursor.


Specifies the settings for the configurable grid on your document pages. This grid helps you determine the exact position of your objects. You can also set this grid in line with the "magnetic" snap grid.

Focquuwwan Bu'uuraa (Western)

Qindaa'inoota bocquuwwan bu'uuraaf ifteessa.

Focquuwwan Bu'uuraa (Asian)

Specifies the settings for the basic Asian fonts if Asian language support has been activated under - Language Settings - Languages.

Bocquuwwan Bu'uuraa (CTL)

Specifies the settings for basic fonts for complex text layout languages if their support has been activated under - Language Settings - Languages.


Qindaa'inoota galmee barruu yookiin HTML keessatti ifteessa .


Defines the attributes of tables in text documents.


Defines the appearance of changes in the document.


Specifies compatibility settings for text documents. These options help in fine-tuning LibreOffice when importing Microsoft Word documents.

Gooddayyaa ufmaanii

Qindaa'inoota goodayyaa kan ufmaan waantota saagamanitti dabalaman ifteessa.

Mail Merge Email

Specifies the user information and server settings for when you send form letters as email messages.

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