Walsimannaa HTML

Defines settings for HTML pages.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Choose - Load/Save - HTML Compatibility.

Options HTML Dialog Image

Hangawwan bocquu

Use the spin buttons Size 1 to Size 7 to define the respective font sizes for the HTML <font size=1> to <font size=7> tags.

Alaa galchi

Galmeelee HTML alaa galchuuf qindaa'inoota qindeessa.

Lakkoofsotaaf gitoo biyyaa 'English (USA)' fayyadami

When importing numbers from an HTML page, the decimal separator and the thousands separator characters differ according to the locale of the HTML page. The clipboard however contains no information about the locale. For example, the characters "1.000" copied from a German Web page most possibly mean "one thousand" because the period is the thousands separator in a German locale. If copied from an English Web page, the same characters stand for the number 1 as in "one dot zero zero zero".

If not checked, numbers will be interpreted according to the setting in Languages and Locales - General - Locale setting in the Options dialog box. If checked, numbers will be interpreted as 'English (USA)' locale.

Iyyaatoota HTML hin beekamne akka badheeleetti alaa galchi

Mark this check box if you want tags that are not recognized by LibreOffice to be imported as fields. For an opening tag, an HTML_ON field will be created with the value of the tag name. For a closing tag, an HTML_OFF will be created. These fields will be converted to tags in the HTML export.

Qindaa'inoota bocquu dhiisi

Mark this check box to ignore all font settings when importing. The fonts that were defined in the HTML Page Style will be the fonts that will be used.

Bu'uura LibreOffice

Mark this check box to include the LibreOffice Basic instructions when exporting to HTML format.

Dirqaala kana barreeffama bu'uuraa LibreOffice osoo hin uumin dura kakaasuu qabda, kana malee waan saagamuu baatufi.Barreeffamoonni bu'uuraa LibreOffice mata duree galmee HTML keessatti argamuu qabu.

Of eeggannoo agarsiisi

If this field is marked, when exporting to HTML a warning is shown that LibreOffice Basic macros will be lost.

Teessuma maxxansaa

If you mark this field, the print layout of the current document (for example, table of contents with justified page numbers and dot leaders) is exported as well. It can be read by LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox, and MS Internet Explorer.


Caalalaan HTMl CSS2Cascading Style Sheets Level 2) galmeelee maxxansuuf ni deeggara. Dandeettiin kunneen kan bu'aa qabeessa ta'an yoo ala baasti teessuma maxxansaa kaka'e qofaa dha.

Copy local images to Internet

Mark this check box to automatically upload the embedded pictures to the Internet server when uploading using FTP. Use the Save As dialog to save the document and enter a complete FTP URL as the file name in the Internet.


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

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