Gargaarsa barreessuu

Specifies the properties of the spelling, thesaurus and hyphenation.

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Choose - Languages and Locales - Writing Aids.


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

Muraalee Afaanii Jiran

Muraalee afaanii ijaaraman qabata.

A language module can contain one, two or three submodules: Spelling, hyphenation and thesaurus. Each sub-module can be available in one or more languages. If you click in front of the name of the module, you activate all the available sub-modules simultaneously. If you remove a set mark, you deactivate all the available sub-modules simultaneously. If you wish to activate or deactivate individual sub-modules, click the Edit button to open the Edit Modules dialog.


The configuration allows two different directories: one folder where the user has write permissions, and one without write permissions. The user can only edit and delete the user dictionaries that are located in the writable path. Other dictionaries can be read only.


To edit a language module, select it and click Edit. The Edit Modules dialog appears.

Kuusaalee hiika fayyadaa

Lists the available user dictionaries. Mark the user dictionaries that you want to use for spelling and hyphenation.


Opens the New Dictionary dialog, in which you can name a new user-defined dictionary or dictionary of exceptions and specify the language.

Kuusaa Haaraa

In the Dictionary section you can name a new user-defined dictionary or dictionary of exceptions and specify the language.


Specifies the name of the new custom dictionary. The file extension "*.DIC" is automatically appended.


By selecting a certain language you can limit the use of the custom dictionary. By selecting All the custom dictionary is used independently of the current language.

Quxaalota (-)

Specifies whether you wish to avoid certain words in your documents. In this way, you can create a custom dictionary of all the words to be avoided. If this exception dictionary is activated, during spellchecking you receive a corresponding note about any words which should be avoided.


Opens the Edit custom dictionary dialog, in which you can add to your custom dictionary or edit existing entries.

In the Edit Custom Dictionary dialog you have the option to enter new terms or edit existing entries. If you edit an exception dictionary, the dialog has the added facility of defining an exception for a word. During the spellcheck this exception is then listed as a suggestion.

Yeroo kuusaan gulaalamu, mirkaneessi haala faayilichaa irratti raawwata. Yoo faayilichi hayyama barreessuu dhabe , jijjiiramuu hin danda'u. Qabduuleen Haaraa fi Balleessi achiin dandeessifamu.


Specifies the book to be edited.

The List of Ignored Words (All) includes all words that have been marked with Ignore during spellcheck. This list is valid only for the current spellcheck.


GalfatniIgnoreAllList filatamuu fi balleeffamuu hin danda'u. Jechoota akka qabiyyeetti dabalaman qofatu balleeffamuu danda'a. Kun kan mul'atu ufmaan yeroo hunda LibreOffice cufamu dha.


Assigns a new language to the current custom dictionary.


You can type a new word for inclusion in the dictionary. In the list below you will see the contents of the current custom dictionary. If you select a word from this list it is displayed in the text field. If you type a word with a trailing = character, such as "AutoComplete=", the word is never automatically hyphenated and no hyphenation is suggested. Typing "Auto=Complete" results in the word being hyphenated, or a hyphenation suggested, where you insert the = sign.

You can use a [] block instead of the = sign to specify character changes before the hyphenation break. Possible character changes: (1) Extra characters, for example tug[g]gumi results the correct hyphenation “tugg- gummi” of the Swedish word “tuggummi”. (2) Character removing specified by a digit, for example paral·[1]lel results correct hyphenation “paral- lel” of the Catalan word “paral·lel”, removing one character before the break point. (3) Both removed and extra characters, for example cafee[2é]tje results correct hyphenation “café- tje” of the Dutch word “cafeetje”, removing two characters before the break point, and adding an extra one.

Replace By or Grammar By

This input field is only available if you are editing an exception dictionary or a language-dependent custom dictionary. In exception dictionaries, the field shows the alternative suggestion for the current word in the "Word" text box. In language-dependent custom dictionaries, the field contains a known root word, as a model of affixation of the new word or its usage in compound words. For example, in a German custom dictionary, the new word “Litschi” (lychee) with the model word “Gummi” (gum) will result recognition of “Litschis” (lychees), “Litschibaum” (lychee tree), “Litschifrucht” (lychee fruit) etc.


Adds the word in the Word text field to your current custom dictionary. The word in the Suggestion field is also added when working with exception dictionaries.


Dirqaalaalee to'annoo qubee fi murfisaaf qindeessa.


If you want to change a value, select the entry and then click Edit. You will see a dialog for entering a new value.

Jechoota qubee gurguddaa fili

Qubeen guguddaa akka yeroo to'annoo qubee filataman mul'isa.

Jechoota lakkoofsota faana fili.

Jechoota kan lakkoofsota akkasumas qubeelee akka filatamuuf jedhan mul'isa.

Kutaalee addaa fili

Akka kutaaleen addaa kan akka barruu suuraa yeroo to'annoo qubee filataman mul'isa.

Yeroo barreessitu qubeessuu mirkaneessi

Ufmaan yeroo barreessitu qubeessuu mirkaneessa, akkasumas dogoggora jala sarara.

Dogoggorri barreessuu galmee keessatti jala sarara diimaadhaan shoolama.Yoo jecha haala kanaan asxeeffame irra qaree keesse, buufata haallee tarree sirreeffamaa argachuuf banuu dandeessa.Sirreeffama filadhuutii jecha bakka buusi. Yeroo galmee gulaaltu ammas dogoggora wal fakkaata yoo uumte, ammas akka dogoggoraatti asxeeffama.

Jecha cimdii Gabatee ufmaan bakka buusaa keessaa bakkaa buusuuf, Baafata haallee ufmaan sirreessaa baniitii Ufmaan sirreessaa filadhu. Filannoo kee cita baafataa keessaa godhi. Jechi bakka bu'eetu aluma sanatti jechi cimdii gabatee bakka bu'iinsaa keessa kaawama.

Lakkoofsa gadaantoo qubeelee murfisaa

Specifies the minimum number of characters required for automatic hyphenation to be applied.

Qubeelee cita sararaa dursan

Sets the minimum number of characters of the word to be hyphenated that must remain at the end of the line.

Qubeelee cita sararaa booda dhufan

Specifies the minimum number of characters of a hyphenated word required at the next line.

Gaggaafannaa malee murfeessi

Akka ati tasumaa ufmaan ala murfeessuu hin gaafatamne ifteessa. Badhichi yoo mallatteeffamuu baate, yeroo jechi beekamuu baate gongee dhaamsaa murfisota ittiin galchitutu siif dhiyaata.

Kutaalee addaa murfisi

Akka murfisi miiljalee, irraantoo fi jalaantoo keessatti raawwatu ifteessa.


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

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