Use this dialog to create general settings for working with LibreOffice. The information covers topics such as user data, saving, printing, paths to important files and directories. These settings are saved automatically.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Choose - LibreOffice.

Deetaa Fayyadamaa

Use this tab page to enter or edit user data. Some of the data may have already been entered by the user or system administrator when installing LibreOffice.


Qindaa'inoota dimshaashaa LibreOffice dhaaf ifteessa.


Specifies view options.

Dirqaalaalee Maxxansaa

Qindaa'ina dirqaalaalee maxxaansaa ifteessa.


This section contains the default paths to important folders in LibreOffice. These paths can be edited by the user.


Bocquu filannoo bocquu keetiin bakka buusa. Bakka buusni kan bakka bocquu bakka buusu yeroo argii irratti mul'ate yookiin yeroo maxxansaa qofa dha. Bocquu murtaa'e tottolcha galmee kee keessaa hin jijjiiru.


Defines the security options for saving documents, for web connections, and for opening documents that contain macros.

Application Colors

Halluuwwan walquunnama fayyadamaa LibreOffice qindeessa. Qindaa'inoota ammee akka gurmoo halluutti olkaa'eessee booda fe'uu dandeessa.


Dirqaalee kan sagantaalee LibreOffice akka caalaatti fayyadamtoota sirriitti arguu hin dandeenye yookiin rakkoo biroo qaban gaheenya kennan qindeessa.


Specifies the support options for Java applications in LibreOffice, including which Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to use. It also specifies whether to use experimental (unstable) features such as macro recording and access expert configuration.

Basic IDE

Defines the settings for the Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to help edit macros in Basic.

Fooyyee Karaarraa

Specifies some options for the automatic notification and downloading of online updates to LibreOffice.


OpenCL is a technology to speed up calculation on large spreadsheets.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.

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