Saxaaxa Unkaalee

Barruun LibreOffice kamiyyuu gara unkaatti bal'achuu danda'a.Salphumatti to'annoo unkaa tokko ykn isaa ol itti dabali.

Kamsha To'annoo Unkaa bani. Kamshi to'annoo unkaa faankishinii unka gulaaluuf fayyadu of keessatti qaba. Faankishinii hedduun kabala Saxaaxa Unkaa fi To'annoo Dabalataa keessatti argamu.

In form design mode you can include controls, apply properties to them, define Form properties, and define subforms.

The Form Navigator iconIcon on the Form Design bar opens the Form Navigator.

The Open in Design Mode iconIcon allows you to save a form document so that it always opens in form design mode.

If there is an error when assigning properties to the objects contained in the form (for example, when assigning a non-existent database table to an object), a corresponding error message appears. This error message may contain a More button. If you click on More, a dialog displaying more information about the current problem appears.

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