Ajaja SQL sududaan kaasisa

In Native SQL mode you can enter SQL commands that are not interpreted by LibreOffice, but are instead passed directly to the data source. If you do not display these changes in the design view, you cannot change back to the design view.

SQL jiraataaf, diraan SQL sududaan gara sirna kuusaa deetaa koronyatetti madaallii duraanii malee LibreOffice tti darba. Fakkeenyaa, yoo kuusaa deetaa walqunnamaa ODBC keessa darbutti fayyadamte, diraan SQL gara ooftuu ODBC darba akkasumas isaan geggeeffama.

Run SQL command directly Icon

Ajaja SQL sududaan kaasisa

Click the icon again to return to normal mode, in which the changes in the New Query Design are synchronized with the permitted changes through SQL.

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