Taphataa Meeshaalee sub-qunnamtii

Opens the Media Player window where you can preview movie and sound files as well as insert these files into the current document.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Choose Tools - Media Player.

Taphataan meeshaalee sub qunnamtii dhangiwwan meeshaaleesub qunnamti adda adda baay'eedeeggara Dabalataanis faayiloota meeshaalee sub qunnamtii Taphataa meeshaalee subqunnamtii irraa galmeekee keessatti saaguuni dandeessa.


Opens a movie file or a sound file that you want to preview.


Inserts the current movie file or sound file as a media object into the current document.


Plays the current file.


Pauses or resumes the playback of the current file.


Stops the playback of the current file.

Irra deebi'i

Plays the file repeatedly.


Turns sound off and on.

Qabeentaa sirreessa.

Adjusts the volume.


Adjusts the size of the movie playback.

Islaa yidani Qubannoo Gara qubannoo adda adda faayilii keessaa siqsa.

Gara qubannoo adda addaa faayilii keessaa siqsa.

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