Sets the indent, spacing, and alignment options for the numbered or bulleted list.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Choose Format - Bullets and Numbering - Position tab.


Select the level(s) that you want to modify. To apply the options to all the levels, select "1-10". In Chapter Numbering, only one level can be selected, or use "1-10" to apply the options, except Paragraph style, to all the levels.

Position and Spacing


This page shows the position controls used in all versions of LibreOffice Writer. Some documents (produced by other applications) use another method for positioning and spacing. Opening such documents will show the position controls documented in Position for List styles (legacy).

...itti Hiriirfame

Bakka mallattoon lakkaawwii fuuli mudana bitaa irraa fagaatu hiriirsuu galchi.

Hiriirfama lakkoofsa

Mallattoolee lakkaawwii hiriirfamaa qindeessi. Iddoo "irratti hiriirfame" irraatti kallattii jalqabaan lakkaawwii mallattoo hiriirsuuf "bitaa" fili. Iddoo "irratti hiriirfame" irratti kallattii duraan lakkaawwii mallattoo hiriirsuuf "mirga" fili. Mallattoo nannoo "irratti hiriirfame" irratti wiirtessuuf "Wiirta`e" fili.

Sajoo Yaaddannoo

Dirqalli hiriirfama Lakkoofsa hiriirfam keewwtaa hin qindeessu.

Lakkoofsa kennuu ...n hordofame

Select the element that will follow the numbering: a tab stop, a space, a line break, or nothing.

Tab stop at

Lakkoofsa kennuu hordofuuf dhaabaduu caancalaa yoo filate, akka qubannoo dhaabduu caancalaaatti gattii hi'eentaa hin taanee galchuu ni dandeessa.

Galumsa ...tti

Fageenya mudana fuula bitaa irraa gara sararoota hundaa keewwata lakkaa`amee keessaa kan sarara duraa waliin deemuu galchi.


Gatiiwwan addaan fageenya figalumsa gara gatiiwwan durtii haaromsa.


Displays a preview of the current selection.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.

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