Defining Background Colors or Background Graphics

Halluu duubee qindeessuu yookiin saxaatoo akka duubeetti hammangaawwan man'eetiif LibreOffice Calc keessatti fayyadamuu dandeessa.

Halluu duubee wardii LibreOffice Calc dhaaf raawwachuu

  1. Maadheelee filadhu.

  2. Dhangii - Man'eelee (yookiin Man'eelee dhangeessi baafata haallee irraa) filadhu.

  3. Fuula caancala Duubee irratti,halluu duubee filadhu.

Saxaatoo duubee maadheelee keessatti

  1. Saagi - Fakkii - Faayilii irraa fili.

  2. Saxaatoo filiitii Bani cuqaasi.

    The graphic is inserted anchored to the current cell. You can move and scale the graphic as you want. In your context menu you can use the Arrange - To Background command to place this in the background. To select a graphic that has been placed in the background, use the Navigator.

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