Opens the Function Wizard, which helps you to interactively create formulas.

Before you start the Wizard, select a cell or a range of cells from the current sheet, in order to determine the position at which the formula will be inserted.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Choose Insert - Function.


On the Formula bar, click


Gargaartuu Dalagaa


You can download the complete ODFF (OpenDocument Format Formula) specification from the OASIS web site.

Masakni Faankishinii caancaloota lama qaba. Faankishinoonni foormulaa uumuuf gargaara, CaasaanStructure immoo foormulaa ijaarame mirkaneessuuf gargaara.

Caancala Faankishinootaa


Search for a part of the function name.


Lists all the categories to which the different functions are assigned. Select a category to view the appropriate functions in the list field below. Select "All" to view all functions in alphabetical order, irrespective of category. "Last Used" lists the functions you have most recently used.

You can browse the full List of Categories and Functions.


Displays the functions found under the selected category. Double-click to select a function. A single-click displays a short function description.


Specifies that the selected function is inserted into the selected cell range as an array formula. Array formulas operate on multiple cells. Each cell in the array contains the formula, not as a copy but as a common formula shared by all matrix cells.

The Array option is identical to the +Shift+Enter command, which is used to enter and confirm formulas in the sheet. The formula is inserted as a matrix formula indicated by two braces: { }.


Hammantaa guddaan hangii waraantoo man'eewwan 128 128tiini dha.

Dirreewwan Qajeelfama Naqan

When you double-click a function, the argument input field(s) appear on the right side of the dialog. To select a cell reference as an argument, click directly into the cell, or drag across the required range on the sheet while holding down the mouse button. You can also enter numerical and other values or references directly into the corresponding fields in the dialog. When using date entries, make sure you use the correct format. Click OK to insert the result into the spreadsheet.

Suntuursi / Irraanessi

Click the Shrink icon to reduce the dialog to the size of the input field. It is then easier to mark the required reference in the sheet. The icons then automatically convert to the Maximize icon. Click it to restore the dialog to its original size.

Yeroo hantuuteedhaan barruu irratti cuqaastu qaaqni ofumaan xiqqaata. Akkuma ati qabduu hantuutee gad lakkiifteen, qaaqni bakkatti deebi'a akkasumas hangi wabii hantuutee waliin qindaa'e galmee keessatti godayyaa cuquliisaan shoolama.





Firii Faankishinii

As soon you enter arguments in the function, the result is calculated. This preview informs you if the calculation can be carried out with the arguments given. If the arguments result in an error, the corresponding error code is displayed.

Qajeelfamootni barbaadaman maqaa maxxansaa yabbuu keessa jiruun mul'ifamu.

f(X) (faankishinii filatame irratti hundaa'uun)

Allows you to access a subordinate level of the Function Wizard in order to nest another function within the function, instead of a value or reference.

Qajeelfama/Ulaagaa/Wabii Man'ee (faankishinii filatame irratti hundaa'uun)

The number of visible text fields depends on the function. Enter arguments either directly into the argument fields or by clicking a cell in the table.


Displays the calculation result or an error message.


Displays the created formula. Type your entries directly, or create the formula using the wizard.


Moves the focus back through the formula components, marking them as it does so.


Foormulaa wal-xaxaa faankishinii hedduu of keessatti qabu irra faankishinii tokko filachuuf,faankishinii foddaa foormulaa keessa jiru lama-cuqaasi.

Itti Aanee

Moves forward through the formula components in the formula window. This button can also be used to assign functions to the formula. If you select a function and click the Next button, the selection appears in the formula window.


Faankishinii foddaa filannoo keessa jiru gara foddaa foormulaatti dabarsuuf ,faankishinii foddaa filannoo keessa jiru lama cuqaasi.


Ends the Function Wizard, and transfers the formula to the selected cells.


Closes the dialog without implementing the formula.

Caancala Caasaa

Fuula kanarratti,caasa faankishinii mul'isuu ni dandeessa


Osoo Masaka Faankishinii yeroo qareen mandhee,mandhee durumaan faankishinii of keessatti qabu keessa qubate eegalte,caancalli Caasaa ni banama,qabiyyee foormulaa ammees ni mul'isa.


Displays a hierarchical representation of the current function. You can hide or show the arguments by a click on the plus or minus sign in front.


Tuqaa cuquliisni qajeelfamoota sirnaan galan bakka bu'a.Tuqaa diimaan gosoota deetaa sirrii hin taan mul'isa.Fakkeenyaaf: osoo faankishiniin IDA'UU qajeelfama akka barruutti gale toko qabaate, kun akka IDA'UUn galiinsa lakkoofsaa qofa eeyyamutti diimaadhaan shoolama.

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