Gatiiwwan Shooluu

Displays cell contents in different colors, depending on type.

Shoola haquuf, galiinsa baafataa hin mallatteessiin

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

From the menu bar:

Choose View - Value Highlighting.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose View - Value Highlighting

On the View menu of the View tab, choose Value Highlighting.

Icon Value Highlighting

Value Highlighting

From the keyboard:

+ F8

By default:

Text cells are formatted in black, formulas in green, number cells in blue, and protected cells are shown with light grey background, no matter how their display is formatted.

These colors can be customized in - LibreOffice - Application Colors.


yoo dalagaan kun ka'aa ta'e,halluuwwan ati galmee keessatti qindeessitu hin mul'atan.

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