On Error GoTo ... Resume Statement

karaa qabanoo-dogongoraa erga dogongorri uumameen booda dandeessisi, ykn sagantaa raawwii itti fufa


On Error Statement diagram

On [Local] Error {GoTo Labelname | GoTo 0 | Resume Next}


Gara Labelname Deemi: Yoo dogongorri uumame, karaa qabannoo dogongoraa sarara kan "Labelname"jalqabu dandeessisi.

Yoo dogongorri uumameItt Aanutti Fufi:, sagantaan raawwii hima kan hima dogongorri uumame hordofu walin fufa

Gara 0 Deemi: waa'iila dogongora adeemsa ammaa dhaamsi

Local: "On error" is global in scope, and remains active until canceled by another "On error" statement. "On Local error" is local to the routine which invokes it. Local error handling overrides any previous global setting. When the invoking routine exits, the local error handling is canceled automatically, and any previous global setting is restored.

The On Error GoTo statement is used to react to errors that occur in a macro.


Sub ExampleReset
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim iNumber As Integer
    Dim iCount As Integer
    Dim sLine As String
    Dim aFile As String
    aFile = "C:\Users\ThisUser\data.txt"
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Output As #iNumber
    Maxxansa #iNumber, "Kun Sarara barruuti"
    Close #iNumber
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Input As iNumber
    For iCount = 1 To 5
        Line Input #iNumber, sLine
        If sLine <>"" Then
        End If
    Next iCount
    Close #iNumber
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "All files will be closed",  0,  "Error"
End Sub

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