Dir Function

Maqaa faayilii ,galeeloo ykn faayilii fi galeeloo hunda oofaa ykn galeeloo kan xurree barbaachisaa waliin wal gitu deebisi.


Dir [(PathName As String [, Attributes As Integer])]

Return value:



PathName: Any string expression that specifies the search path, directory or file. This argument can only be specified the first time that you call the Dir function. If you want, you can enter the path in URL notation.

Attributes:Any integer expression that specifies bitwise file attributes. The Dir function only returns files or directories that match the specified attributes. You can combine several attributes by adding the attribute values:

0: Faayilii baratamoo.

16 : Maqaa galeeloo qofa deebisi.

Akka faayiliin ykn galeeloon jiru mirkaneessuu yoo barbaadde amaloota faayyadami ykn faayilii fi ukaankaa hunda galeeloo keessatti murteessi.

Jiraachuu faayiliin mirkaneessuuf,xurree fi maqaa faayilii guutuu galchi. Yoo maqaan faayilii ykn galeeloon jiraachuu baate ,faankishiniin Dir dheerina diraa duwwaa (" ") deebisa.

To generate a list of all existing files in a specific directory, proceed as follows: The first time you call the Dir function, specify the complete search path for the files, for example, "D:\Files\*.ods". If the path is correct and the search finds at least one file, the Dir function returns the name of the first file that matches the search path. To return additional file names that match the path, call Dir again, but with no arguments.

To return directories only, use the attribute parameter. The same applies if you want to determine the name of a volume (for example, a hard drive partition).

Error codes:

5 Ejjatoo fashalaan waamu

53 Faayilii hin argamne 53 Faayilii hin argamne 53 Faayilii hin argamne 53 Faayilii hin argamne 53 Faayilii hin argamne 53 Faayilii hin argamne


Sub ExampleDir
REM  Faayiloota fi galeeloota hunda agarsiisi.
Dim sPath As String
Dim sDir As String, sValue As String
    sPath = CurDir
    sValue = Dir$(sPath + getPathSeparator + "*",16)
        If sValue <> "." And sValue <> ".." Then
            If (GetAttr( sPath + getPathSeparator + sValue) And 16) >0 Then
                REM Galeeloota argadhu
                sDir = sDir & chr(13) & sValue
            End If
        End If
        sValue = Dir$
    Loop Until sValue = ""
    MsgBox sDir,0,sPath
End Sub

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