Index (table of contents)

The following options are available when you select Table of Contents as the index type.

यो आदेश पहुँच गर्न...

Choose Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography - Type tab (when Table of Contents is the selected type)

प्रकार र शीर्षक

अनुक्रमणिकाको प्रकार र शीर्षक निश्चित गर्नुहोस्


चयन गरिएको अनुक्रमणिकाका लागि शीर्षक प्रविष्ट गराउनुहोस्.


Select the type of index that you want to insert or edit. The options available on this tab depend on the index type that you select. If the cursor is in an index when you choose the Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography, you can then edit that index.

म्यानुअल परिवर्तनहरू बिरुद्व सुरक्षित गरियो

Prevents the contents of the index from being changed. Manual changes that you make to an index are lost when the index is refreshed. If you want the cursor to scroll through a protected area, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Formatting Aids, and then select the Enable cursor check box in the Protected Areas section.

Create Index or Table of Contents


चयन गर्नुहोस् कि त अनुक्रमणिकाका लागि निर्माण गर्न वा हालको अध्यायका लागि.

Evaluate up to level

Enter the number of outline levels to include in the index.

यसबाट सिर्जना गर्नुहोस्

अनुक्रमणिकामा कुन सूचना समावेश गर्ने भनेर निश्चित गर्न यो क्षेत्र प्रयोग गर्नुहोस्.


Creates the index using outline levels. Any paragraph with an outline level less than or equal to the outline level specified in Evaluate up to level is included in the index.

Paragraphs formatted with one of the predefined paragraph styles (“Heading 1–10”) have an outline level that corresponds to the number in the paragraph style. You can also assign outline levels to paragraphs in the Outline & List tab page of the Format - Paragraph dialog.


LibreOffice creates the table of contents entries based on the outline level of the paragraph style and the paragraph contents. If the paragraph is empty, it will not be included in the table of contents. To force the empty paragraph to be listed in the table of contents, manually add a space or a non breaking space to the paragraph. Spaces added in the After text box of the Numbering tab in the Heading Numbering dialog will not work for this purpose, since they are part of the paragraph numbering, not the paragraph contents.

थप शैलीहरू

Includes the paragraph styles that you specify in the Assign Styles dialog as index entries. To select the paragraph styles that you want to include in the index, click the Assign Styles (...) button to the right of this box.


Use “Additional Styles” to include paragraphs in the Table of Contents with the “Figure Index Heading” or “Bibliography Heading” paragraph style, as well as any other relevant paragraph style.

शैलीहरू प्रदान गर्नुहोस्

Opens the Assign Styles dialog, where you can select paragraph styles to include in the index. Choose a desired index level for where a style will be displayed in the index.

Index entries

Choose this option to include index entries inserted in the document with Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Index Entry in the generated index.

कृपया हामीलाई समर्थन गर्नुहोस्!