Tips and Extended Tips

Tips and Extended Tips provide help while you work.


Tips provide you with the names of toolbar buttons. To display a tip, rest the pointer over a toolbar button until the name of the button appears.

Tips are also displayed for some elements in a document, such as hyperlinks, fields, and index entries.


Tips are always enabled.

विस्तारित टिप्स

Extended Tips provide a brief description about buttons and commands. To display an extended tip, press Shift+F1, then point to a button or command.


यदि तपाईं सधैँ सुझावहरूको सट्टा विस्तारित सुझावहरू चाहनुहुन्छ भने, विस्तारित सुझावहरू सक्षम गर्नुहोस् - LibreOffice - General.

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