Zooming In and Out in Calc

Zoom allows users to magnify and reduce the screen display. Multiple methods of zooming in and out are available in Calc.

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From the menu bar:

Choose menu View - Zoom, and select the magnification value in the submenu.

From the status bar:

Click the plus (or minus) icon on the zoom slider in the status bar. The screen size increases (or decreases) by 10% with each click.

Drag the Zoom slider handle to adjust the magnification factor with the mouse.

From the keyboard:

Press while rolling the mouse wheel.

Calc Zoom Slider


20% is the minimum zoom factor. 400% is the maximum.

Zooming with the Zoom slider

In addition to the slider plus and minus icons, you can drag the slider handle to manually adjust the zoom factor.

Also, click anywhere on the slider to adjust the zoom factor.


The center line on the zoom slider represents 100% zoom factor.

Access Zoom via the menu

Choose menu View – Zoom. The predefined options are:


Opens the Zoom & View Layout dialog to let you set the zoom factor to display the current document.

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