Space and Spc Functions

स्ट्रिङहरूलाई फर्काउँछ जसले निर्दिष्ट गरेको खाली स्थानहरूको मात्रा लाई सूचीत गर्दछ ।


The Spc function works the same as the Space function.


Space (n As Long)

Spc (n As Long)

Return value:



n: Numeric expression that defines the number of spaces in the string. The maximum allowed value of n is 2,147,483,648.

त्रुटि सङ्केतहरू

5 अवैध कार्य-विधि कल


Sub ExampleSpace
Dim sText As String, sOut As String
Dim iLen As Integer
    iLen = 10
    sText = "Las Vegas"
    sOut = sText & Space(iLen) & sText & Chr(13) &_
    sText & Space(iLen*2) & sText & Chr(13) &_
    sText & Space(iLen*4) & sText & Chr(13)
    msgBox sOut,0,"सूचना:"
End Sub

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