Randomize Statement

Initializes the random-number generator used by the Rnd function.

वाक्य संरचना:

अनियित पार्नुहोस् [Number]


Number: Any integer value. Used as seed to initialize the random-number generator. Equal seeds result in equal random-number sequences by the Rnd function. If the parameter is omitted, the Randomize statement will be ignored.

द्रष्टव्य प्रतिमा

Unless a predictable sequence of numbers is desired, there is no need to use the Randomize statement, as the random-number generator will be initialized automatically at first use – it will be seeded using a system-provided random-number generator that produces uniformly-distributed, non-deterministic random numbers. If no such generator is available on the system, the system time will be used as seed.

The Randomize statement affects BASIC's Rnd function only. Other random-number generators (for example the Calc's RAND() function, etc.) are not affected by it.

त्रुटि सङ्केतहरू

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Sub ExampleRandomize
Dim iCount As Integer, iVar As Integer, sText As String
Dim iSpectral(10) As Integer
    Randomize 2^14-1
    For iCount = 1 To 1000
    iVar = Int((१० * Rnd) ) REM दायरा ० बाट ९सम्म
        iSpectral(iVar) = iSpectral(iVar) +1
    Next iCount
    sText = " | "
    For iCount = 0 To 9
        sText = sText & iSpectral(iCount) & " | "
    Next iCount
    सन्देश बाकस sText,0," स्पेक्टरल बितरण"
End Sub

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