Hides selected rows, columns or individual sheets.

For å bruke denne funksjonen …

Velg Format → Rad → Skjul

Velg Format → Kolonne → Skjul

Velg Rediger → Skjul ark

Select the rows or columns that you want to hide, and then choose Format - Rows - Hide or Format - Columns - Hide.

You can hide a sheet by selecting the sheet tab and then choosing Format - Sheet - Hide. Hidden sheets are not printed unless they occur within a print range.


A break in the row or column header indicates whether the row or column is hidden.

For å vise skjulte rader, kolonner eller ark

  1. Select the range that includes the hidden objects. You can also use the box in the corner above row 1 and beside column A. For sheets, this step is not necessary.

  2. Choose Format - Rows/Columns - Show or Format - Sheet - Show.

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