Lof Function

Returns the size of an open file in bytes.


Lof (FileNumber)

Return value:



FileNumber: Any numeric expression that contains the file number that is specified in the Open statement.


To obtain the length of a file that is not open, use the FileLen function.


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Sub ExampleRandomAccess
Dim iNumber As Integer
Dim sText As Variant REM must be a Variant
Dim aFile As String
    aFile = "c:\data.txt"
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Random As #iNumber Len=32
    Seek #iNumber,1 REM Position at start
    Put #iNumber,, "This is the first line of text" REM Fill with text
    Put #iNumber,, "This is the second line of text"
    Put #iNumber,, "This is the third line of text"
    Seek #iNumber,2
    Get #iNumber,,sText
    Print sText
    Close #iNumber
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Random As #iNumber Len=32
    Get #iNumber,2,sText
    Put #iNumber,,"This is a new line of text"
    Get #iNumber,1,sText
    Get #iNumber,2,sText
    Put #iNumber,20,"This is the text in record 20"
    Print Lof(#iNumber)
    Close #iNumber
End Sub

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