Use the thesaurus to look up synonyms or related terms.

  1. Click in the word that you want to look up.

  2. Choose Tools - Thesaurus, or press +F7.

  3. In the Meaning list, select the definition that matches the context of the word.

  4. Select the replacement word in the Synonym list.

  5. Click OK.

If you applied a different language setting to individual words, or paragraphs, the thesaurus for the applied language is used.


To look up the word in a different language, click the Language button, and select one of the installed thesaurus languages. A thesaurus library may not be available for all installed languages. You can install languages with a thesaurus library from the Extensions web page.

If a thesaurus library is installed for the language of a word, the context menu of the word shows a Synonyms submenu. Select any of the terms from the submenu to replace the word.

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