Specify the column width properties.

За да пристапите до оваа наредба...

Choose Table - Properties - Columns tab.

Adapt table width

Reduces or increases table width with modified column width. This option is not available if Automatic alignment or Relative width is selected on the Table tab, or if any table rows have been selected.

Прилагоди ги колоните пропорционално

Change all the other column widths by the same percentage as the one being changed. For example, if you reduce by half the size of a column, the sizes of all the other columns will be halved. This option requires that Adapt table width can be enabled.

Преостанат простор

Displays the amount of space that is available for adjusting the width of the columns. To set the width of the table, click the Table tab.

Ширина на колоната

Specify the column widths for the table.

Ширини на колоните

Enter the width that you want for the column.

Лева стрелка

Displays the table columns found to the left of the current column.

Десна стрелка

Displays the table columns found to the right of the current column.

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