На полигон

Converts the selected object to a polygon (a closed object bounded by straight lines). The appearance of the object does not change. If you want, you can right-click and choose Edit Points to view the changes.

За да пристапите до оваа наредба...

Choose Shape - Convert - To Polygon (LibreOffice Draw only)

Отворете го менито со контекст од избраните објекти и изберете Конвертирај - Во полигонски

Претворање битмапи во векторски графики

To Polygon dialog

Претвори во полигон

The following options are required to convert a bitmap image to a polygon. The converted image is actually a collection of smaller polygons filled with color.


Set the conversion options for the image.

Број на бои

Enter the number of colors to be displayed in the converted image. LibreOffice generates a polygon for each occurrence of a color in the image.

Редукција на точки

Removes color polygons that are smaller than the pixel value you enter.

Пополни дупки

Fills the color gaps caused by applying a point reduction.

Големина на плочката

Enter the size of the rectangle for the background fill.

Source image:

Преглед на оригинална слика.

Векторизирана слика:

Preview of the converted image. Click Preview to generate the vectorized image.


Displays the conversion progress.


Previews the converted image without applying the changes.

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