Animation Pane

Assigns effects to selected objects.

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Choose Slide Show - Custom Animation.

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Icon Custom Animation

Сопствена анимација

Список на анимации

The animation list displays all animations for the current slide.

Each list entry consists of the following two rows:


Adds another animation effect for the selected object on the slide.


Removes the selected animation effects from the animation list.

Промени редослед

Click one of the buttons to move the selected animation effect up or down in the list.


Select an animation effect category. The following categories are available:


Select an animation effect.


Displays when the selected animation effect should be started. The following start options are available:

Properties: Direction, Amount, Color, Fill color, Size, Line color, Font, Font size, Typeface

Selects the additional properties of the animation. Click the ... button to open the Effect Options dialog, where you can select and apply properties.


Specifies the duration of the selected animation effect.


The animation starts delayed by this amount of time.

Автоматско прегледување

Select to preview new or edited effects on the slide while you assign them.


Plays the selected animation effect in the preview.

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