Complex Text Layout

Defines the options for documents with complex text layouts.

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Choose - Languages and Locales - General - Complex Text Layout.

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Јазици кои употребуваат комплексен изглед на текст

Sequence checking

In languages such as Thai, rules specify that certain characters are not allowed next to other characters. If Sequence Input Checking (SIC) is enabled, LibreOffice will not allow a character next to another if this is forbidden by a rule.

Use sequence checking

Enables sequence input checking for languages such as Thai.


Prevents the use as well as the printing of illegal character combinations.

Cursor control

Select the type of text cursor movement and text selection for mixed text (right-to-left mixed with left-to-right text direction).


The text cursor moves to the text end with Arrow Right and to the text begin with Arrow Left.


The text cursor moves to the right with Arrow Right and to the left with Arrow Left.

General options

Numerals (in text only)

Selects the type of numerals used within text, text in objects, fields, and controls, in all LibreOffice modules. Only cell contents of LibreOffice Calc are not affected.

This setting is not saved in the document but in the LibreOffice configuration.

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