Recording and Displaying Changes


The review function is available in LibreOffice for text documents and spreadsheet documents.

When several authors are working on the same text or spreadsheet, the review function records and displays who made the various changes. On the final edit of the document, it is then possible to look at each individual change and decide whether it should be accepted or rejected.

For example: You are an editor and are delivering your latest report. But before publication the report must be read by the senior editor and the proofreader, and both will add their changes. The senior editor writes "clarify" after one paragraph and crosses out another entirely. The proofreader corrects the spelling of your document.

The edited document comes back to you, and you can incorporate or ignore the suggestions of the two reviewers.

Let's say you also emailed a copy of the report to a good friend and colleague who has done research on a similar topic in the past. You asked for a few suggestions, and the document is now returned by email with your colleague's suggestions.

As all your colleagues and the managers in your company work with LibreOffice, you can produce a final version of the document from the results you get back.

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