JDBC Connection

Specifies the options to access a JDBC database.

Примери за JDBC

You can use a JDBC driver class to connect to a JDBC database from LibreOffice. The driver class is provided by the database manufacturer. Two examples of JDBC databases are Oracle and MySQL.

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The driver classes must be added to LibreOffice in - LibreOffice - Advanced.

Oracle database

You can use a JDBC driver to access an Oracle database from Solaris or Linux. To access the database from Windows, you need an ODBC driver.

In the Data source URL box, enter the location of the Oracle database server. The syntax of the URL depends on the database type. See the documentation that came with the JDBC driver for more information.

For an Oracle database, the syntax of the URL is:


MySQL база на податоци

The mm.mysql-2.0.4-bin.jar driver archive for the MySQL database is available on the following web site:

The syntax for a MySQL database is:


URL на изворот на податоци

Enter the URL for the database. For example, for the MySQL JDBC driver, enter "mysql://<Servername>/<name of the database>". For more information on the JDBC driver, consult the documentation that came with the driver.

JDBC Driver Class

Enter the name of the JDBC driver.

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Before you can use a JDBC driver, you need to add its class path. Choose - LibreOffice - Advanced, and click the Class Path button. After you add the path information, restart LibreOffice.

Test Class

Tests the connection with the current settings.


Database Wizard

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