Letter Wizard

Starts the wizard for a letter template. You can use this template for both business and personal correspondence.

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Choose File - Wizards - Letter.

LibreOffice comes with sample templates for personal or business letters, which you can customize to your own needs with the help of the wizard. The wizard leads you step-by-step in creating a document template and offers numerous layout and design options. The preview gives you an impression of how the finished letter will appear according to the settings you choose.

Within the wizard, you can modify your entries and options at any time. You may also skip an entire page or even all the wizard pages, in which case the current (or default) settings will remain in effect.

Letter Wizard - Page design

Specifies whether you want to create a personal or a business letter. The available options on the following pages vary depending on your choice.

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If you are creating a business letter, you can select a variety of elements to include in your document, which usually do not apply to personal letters, such as a subject line. If you choose the Personal letter option, some pages which contain elements specific to business letters will not be included in the wizard dialog.

Letter Wizard - Letterhead layout

Allows you to specify the elements that are already imprinted on your letterhead paper. Those elements are not printed, and the space they occupy is left blank by the printer.

Letter Wizard - Printed items

Defines the items to be included in the letter template.

Letter Wizard - Recipient and sender

Specifies the sender and recipient information.

Letter Wizard - Footer

Specifies the information to include in the footer space.

Letter Wizard - Name and Location

Specifies where and under which name you want to save the document and template.


Allows you to view the selections that you made on the previous steps. The current settings will be saved.


Saves the current settings and continues to the next page.


According to your selections, the wizard creates a new document template and saves it on your hard disk. LibreOffice creates a new document based on the existing templates with the "Untitled X" name (X stands for the consecutive numbering) and displays it on the work area.

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LibreOffice saves the current settings in the wizard according to the chosen template. These settings are used as the default settings the next time you activate the wizard.

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