Form Navigator

Opens the Form Navigator. The Form Navigator displays all forms and subforms of the current document with their respective controls.

When using several forms, the Form Navigator gives an overview of all forms, and also provides various functions for editing them.

За да пристапите до оваа наредба...

From the menu bar:

Choose Form - Form Navigator.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Form - Form Navigator.

Choose Tools - Form Navigator.

From toolbars:

Icon Form Navigator

Навигатор на форма

The Form Navigator contains a list of all created (logical) forms with the corresponding control fields. You can see whether a form contains control fields by the plus sign displayed before the entry. Click the plus sign to open the list of the form elements.

You can change how the different controls are arranged by dragging and dropping them in the Form Navigator. Select one or more controls and drag them into another form. Alternatively use Ctrl+X or the context menu command Cut to move a control to the clipboard and Ctrl+V or the command Insert to insert the control into another position.

To edit the name in the Form Navigator, click on the name and enter a new name, or use the command in the context menu.

If you select a control in the Form Navigator, the corresponding element is selected in the document.

If you call the context menu of a selected entry, the Form Navigator offers the following functions:


Adds new elements to the form. The Add function can only be called if a form is selected in the Form Navigator.


Creates a new form in the document. To create a subform add the new form under the desired parent form.

Hidden Controls

Creates a hidden control in the selected form that is not visible on screen and is hidden from the user. A hidden control serves to include data that is transmitted together with the form. It contains additional information or clarifying text that you can specify when creating the form through the Special Properties of the control. Select the entry of the hidden control in the Form Navigator and select the Properties command.

You can copy controls in the document through the clipboard (shortcut keys +C for copying and +V for inserting). You can copy hidden controls in the Form Navigator by using drag-and-drop while keeping the key pressed.

Drag and drop to copy controls within the same document or between documents. Open another form document and drag the hidden control from the Form Navigator into the Form Navigator of the target document. Click a visible control directly in the document, rest the mouse for a moment so that a copy of the control is added to the drag-and-drop clipboard, then drag the copy into the other document. If you want a copy in the same document, press while dragging.


Deletes the selected entry. This allows you to delete individual form components as well as whole forms with one mouse click.

Tab order

When a form is selected, it opens the Tab Order dialog, where the indices for focusing the control elements on the Tab key are defined.


Renames the selected object.


Starts the Properties dialog for the selected entry. If a form is selected, the Form Properties dialog opens. If a control is selected, the Control Properties dialog opens.

Open in Design Mode

Opens forms in Design Mode so that the form can be edited.

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