Податочна табела

Opens the Data Table dialog where you can edit the chart data.

Дијалогот за податочната табела не е достапен ако вметнете графикон кој е базиран на табеларна пресметка на Calc или на табела од Writer.

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Некои промени ќе станат видливи само откога ќе го затворите и повторно отворите дијалогот.

За да пристапите до оваа наредба...

Изберете Приказ - Податочна табела на графиконот (Графикони)

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Податоци на графиконот

Press Shift+F1 and point to a control to learn more about that control.

За да ги промените податоците во графиконот

When you create a chart that is based on default data, or when you copy a chart into your document, you can open the Data Table dialog to enter your own data. The chart responds to the data in a live preview.

Close the Chart Data dialog to apply all changes to the chart. Choose Edit - Undo to cancel the changes.

  1. Insert or select a chart that is not based on existing cell data.

  2. Choose View - Chart Data Table to open the Data Table dialog.

    The data series are organized in columns. The role of the left most column is set to categories or data labels respectively. The contents of the left most column are always formatted as text. You can insert more text columns to be used as hierarchical labels.

  3. Click a cell in the dialog and change the contents. Click another cell to see the changed contents in the preview.

  4. Enter the name of the data series in the text box above the column.

  5. Use the icons above the table to insert or delete rows and columns. For data series with multiple columns, only whole data series can be inserted or deleted.

  6. The order of the data series in the chart is the same as in the data table. Use the Move Series Right icon to switch the current column with its neighbor on the right.

  7. The order of the categories or data points in the chart is the same as in the data table. Use the Move Row Down icon to switch the current row with its neighbor below.

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