Using Scenarios

LibreOffice Calc Scenarios are important aids for making numbers that are dependent upon each other, and their resulting calculations, visible. Scenarios allow you create a list of values to select from for a given cell or group of cells. The contents of these cells change when you select different items from the list.

Creating Your Own Scenarios

To create a scenario, select all the cells that provide the data for the scenario.

  1. Select the cells that contain the values that will change between scenarios. To select multiple cells, hold down the key as you click each cell.

  2. Choose Tools - Scenarios. The Create Scenario dialog appears.

  3. Enter a name for the new scenario and leave the other fields unchanged with their default values. Close the dialog with OK. Your new scenario is automatically activated.

Using Scenarios

Scenarios can also be selected in the Navigator:

  1. Open the Navigator with the Navigator icon on the Standard bar.

  2. Click the Scenarios icon Scenarios icon in the Navigator.

In the Navigator, you see the defined scenarios with the comments that were entered when the scenarios were created.

Note Icon

If you want to know which values in the scenario affect other values, choose Tools - Detective - Trace Dependents. You will see arrows to the cells that are directly dependent on the current cell.

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