Assigning Formats by Formula

The STYLE() function can be added to an existing formula in a cell. For example, together with the CURRENT function, you can color a cell depending on its value. The formula =...+STYLE(IF(CURRENT()>3; "Red"; "Green")) applies the cell style "Red" to cells if the value is greater than 3, otherwise the cell style "Green" is applied.

If you would like to apply a formula to all cells in a selected area, you can use the Find & Replace dialog.

  1. Select all the desired cells.

  2. Select the menu command Edit - Find & Replace.

  3. For the Find term, enter: .*

    ".*" is a regular expression that designates the contents of the current cell.

  4. Enter the following formula in the Replace field: =&+STYLE(IF(CURRENT()>3;"Red";"Green"))

    The "&" symbol designates the current contents of the Find field. The line must begin with an equal sign, since it is a formula. It is assumed that the cell styles "Red" and "Green" already exist.

  5. Mark the fields Regular expressions and Current selection only. Click Find All.

    All cells with contents that were included in the selection are now highlighted.

  6. Click Open.

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