Tabulas josla

The Table Bar contains functions you need when working with tables. It appears when you move the cursor into a table.

Ievietot rindas

Inserts one or more rows in the table, below the selection. You can insert more than one row by opening the dialog (choose Table - Insert - Rows), or by selecting more than one row before clicking the icon. The second method inserts rows of the same height as the originally selected rows.


Ievietot rindu

Ievietot kolonnu

Inserts one or more columns into the table, after the selection. You can insert several columns at the same time by opening the dialog (choose Table - Insert - Columns), or by selecting several columns before clicking the icon. If the latter method is used, the columns inserted will have the same relative width as the selected columns.


Ievietot kolonnu

Dzēst rindu

Deletes the selected row(s) from the table.

Icon Delete Rows

Delete Rows

Dzēst kolonnu

Deletes the selected column(s) from the table.

Icon Delete Column

Dzēst kolonnu

Sapludināt šūnas

Combines the contents of the selected cells into a single cell, retaining the formatting of the first cell in the selection.

Icon Merge Cells

Apvienot šūnas

Icon Unmerge Cells

Optimize Size

Opens a toolbar that contains functions for optimizing the rows and columns in a table.

Icon Optimize Size

Optimizēt izmēru


Aligns the contents of the cell to the top edge of the cell.

Vidū (vertikāls)

Centers the contents of the cell between top and bottom of the cell.


Aligns the contents of the cell to the bottom edge of the cell.

Fona krāsa

Click to open a toolbar where you can click a background color for a paragraph. The color is applied to the background of the current paragraph or the selected paragraphs.

Icon Background color

Fona krāsa


D'oh! You found a bug (text/shared/01/AutoFormat.xhp#autoformattabelle not found).


Click the Borders icon to open the Borders toolbar, where you can modify the border of a sheet area or an object.

Icon Borders


Līnijas stils

Click this icon to open the Line Style toolbar, where you can modify the border line style.

Icon Line style

Līnijas stils

Malu krāsa

Click the Line Color (of the border) icon to open the Border Color toolbar, which enables you to change the border color of an object.


Līnijas krāsa (malai)


Sorts the selected paragraphs or table rows alphabetically or numerically. You can define up to three sort keys as well as combine alphanumeric and numeric sort keys.


Activates the sum function. Note that the cursor must be in the cell where you want the sum to appear.



Table Properties

Specifies the properties of the selected table, for example, name, alignment, spacing, column width, borders, and background.

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