Aprēķināšana teksta dokumentos

You can insert a calculation directly into a text document or into a text table.

  1. Click in the document where you want to insert the calculation, and then press F2. If you are in a table cell, type an equals sign =.

  2. Type the calculation that you want to insert, for example, =10000/12, and then press Enter.

You can also click the Formula icon on the Formula Bar, and then choose a function for your formula.


To reference cells in a Writer text table, enclose the cell address or the cell range in angle brackets. For example, to reference cell A1 from another cell, enter =<A1> into the cell.

Cell Entries that Start with Equal Sign (=)

To make a table cell entry that starts with = sign, first enter a space, then the = sign, and then delete the space.

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