Izvēlieties adreses bloku

Select, edit, or delete an address block layout for mail merge.

Select your preferred address block

Select the block in the list that you want to use for mail merge addresses, and click OK.

Nekad neiekļaut valsti/reģionu

Izkļauj valsts vai reģionālo informāciju no adreses bloka.

Vienmēr iekļaut valsti/reģionu

Iekļauj valsts vai reģionālo informāciju adreses blokā.

Iekļaut valsti/reģionu tikai tad, ja tas nav:

Only includes country or regional information in the address block if the value differs from the value that you enter in the text box.

Enter the country/region string that shall not be printed.


Opens the New Address Block dialog where you can define a new address block layout.


Opens the Edit Address Block dialog where you can edit the selected address block layout.


DzēŔ atlasīto adreses bloka izvietojumu.

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