3D efekti

Specifies the properties of a 3D object or converts a 2D object to 3D.


Adjusts the shape of the selected 3D object. You can only modify the shape of a 3D object that was created by converting a 2D object. To convert a 2D object to 3D, select the object, right-click, and then choose Convert - To 3D, or Convert - To 3D Rotation Object.


Sets the shading and shadow options for the selected 3D object.


Define the light source for the selected 3D object.


Sets the properties of the surface texture for the selected 3D object. This feature is only available after you apply a surface texture to the selected object. To quickly apply a surface texture, open the Gallery, hold down Shift+, and then drag an image onto the selected 3D object.


Changes the coloring of the selected 3D object.

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