Forms Submenu

Contains commands for activate form design mode, enable/disable control wizards and insert form controls in your document.

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Choose Tools - Forms.

Design Mode

Enable or disable form design mode.

Control Wizards

Enable or disable control wizards.

Vadīklu īpašības

Opens a dialog for editing the properties of a selected control.

Formas īpašības

In this dialog you can specify, among others, the data source and the events for the whole form.

Formas navigators

Opens the Form Navigator. The Form Navigator displays all forms and subforms of the current document with their respective controls.

Activation Order

Opens the Tab Order dialog so you can modify the order in which control fields get the focus when the user presses the tab key.

Pievienot lauku

Opens a window where you can select a database field to add to the form or report.

Atvērt izstrādes režīmā

Opens forms in Design Mode so that the form can be edited.

Automatic Control Focus

Enable or disable Automatic Control Focus

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