Creating XML Filters

Creating an XML Filter for LibreOffice

When you create an XML filter for LibreOffice, you need to design an XSLT stylesheet that can convert to and from the OpenDocument XML file format.

Padoma ikona

For more information about the OpenDocument XML format, go to

If you want, you can include a template with your filter to apply LibreOffice styles to an XML document that you import.

Lai izveidotu XML filtru

  1. Create an XSLT transformation stylesheet that maps the elements of the external XML format to the elements of the OpenDocument XML file format and back again.

  2. Create a template that assigns LibreOffice styles to elements in the external XML format when you import a file in this format into LibreOffice.

  3. In LibreOffice Writer, create a text document, and choose Tools - XML Filter Settings.

  4. Klikšķiniet Jauns.

  5. In the XML Filter dialog, click the General tab, and define the properties of the filter.

  1. On the Transformation tab page, define the transformation properties for the filter.

  1. Klikšķiniet Labi.

Lai testētu XML filtru

You can perform basic tests on a custom XML filter in LibreOffice.

Piezīmes ikona

The document is not altered by these tests.

  1. Izveidot vai atvērt teksta dokumentu.

  2. Izvēlieties Rīki - XML filtra iestatījumi.

  3. In the list of filters, select the filter that you want to test, and click Test XSLTs.

  4. To test an Export filter, do one of the following in the Export area of the dialog:

  1. To test an Import filter, click Browse in the Import area of the dialog, select a document, and click Open.

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